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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Use Emergency Blankets

By anniewrites, eHow Member

Emergency Blankets

Your emergency survival kit has emergency blankets as part of its content, but what do you do with them, and how do you use them? You might wonder how such a small package can contain something that will actually help to keep you warm or cool. It's true that they're not exactly miracle workers, but emergency blankets do serve many purposes in emergency situations. Here, I will list some of the more common ways that people use them.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: Emergency blankets can be used to stay warm. Wrap the blanket around the person in need of warmth. You want to wrap it tightly but not too tightly, and it's generally recommended that you cover the feet, entire body, and most of the head. A larger individual may require two blankets to be adequately covered. Try to position the person on as dry of land as possible and with as much sun directed at them as possible. The blanket keeps the person warm through using the sun on its reflective surface.

Step 2: Emergency blankets can be used to keep a car cool if it breaks down on a hot summer day. Place the blanket, reflective side up, over the windshield on the car. If you have extras, you can place them over the windows and the rear windshield as well. This will help to keep the car cool.

Step 3: Emergency blankets can be used to create shade where there is none. Hang the emergency blanket above you, with the reflective side facing up. Instant shade!

Step 4: Emergency blankets can be hung next to a campfire to make the area where you are sitting warmer. Place the reflective side towards the fire and enjoy the toasty warmth!


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